GSBI – Gloucestershire Society for Botanical Illustration

Posted on February 3, 2016 by Niki under Uncategorized
GSBI AGM jan 2016 DSCF1404.JPG GSBI Jan2016

Last week I headed west to meet the members of the Gloucestershire Society for Botanical Illustration, having been invited as Guest Speaker at their AGM meeting. It was held at the splendid Gambier Parry Hall in Highnam, just outside Gloucester – and just along the road from the Nature in Art Gallery at Twigworth, where the GSBI holds its annual GSBI Exhibition (from 1st – 13th March this year).

I found they were a very friendly group, with diverse interests in Botanical art, including botanical photography. There was considerable interest in my digitally created botanical images, judging by the half hour of questions following my presentation, and the wide-ranging nature of those questions. Topics ranged from whether black backgrounds should be allowed in botanical illustration, through the differing types of layering I use, composition of botanical plates, use of standard colour charts for botanical illustration, right through to the best file types of digital image files to use, whether colour calibration is necessary, paper for digital printing and my views on digital media and the future of botanical illustration!

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